Dag Andersson was born Dec 9th, 1973 in the small town Arvika in Sweden. He’s a multidisciplinary performer and creator and works in stage and film as an actor, dancer, choreographer and director. He  is also an accomplished vocal artist, whose work includes both live and recorded text and music which is marked by its expansive range and dynamism. While he is known primarily for his magnetic, agile and often hilarious work in physical comedy and other body based performance styles, he has an uncanny ability to change the form and timbre of his performance and has proved himself riveting as a dramatic presence on both stage and screen.

Performance credits include Swedish appearances at Dramaten, Parkteatern, Rival, Södra teatern and Dansens hus as well as venues across Europe and the US, a starring role in the popular TV series Cirkus Imago which has been aired homes across Sweden since 2009, TV commercials and audio books. He has shown himself to be equally comfortable reading a book about political economics as doing three flips and landing on his feet with a song, performing the role of a warm and haunting blue grass singer or the emotionally provocative epic Miss U to sold out audiences in exquisite high drag at Södra Teatern. He is always excited for new and interesting projects and proposals. Don’t hesitate to contact Dag Andersson for a meeting or an audition.