New website – new adventures for 2017!

I’m happy to announce that I finally have a new website. Since June last year I’m  freelancing again after having worked 5 years with Tove Sahlin and Shake it Collaborations. It was a fun and exciting journey, but everything has it’s time and now I’m ready for new adventures!

I will keep you informed on what I’m doing at the moment and what my plans are, as far as I know 🙂 Meanwhile you can check out my pictures and videos. Eventually there will be a showreel too. And thank you Abby Crain for describing my work in such nice words.

2017 will be exciting and fun with lots of new influences and challenges. I look forward to hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to contact me what ever comes up.

See you soon!

Dag Andersson Skådespelare Dansare Actor Dancer
Photo by Mark McBeth

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